Immigration Bill may raid the Social Security Trust Fund

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., an opponent of the immigration bill, argued that the legislation relies on $211 billion of Social Security revenue over the next 10 years and that without that money the legislation would cause a $10 billion deficit and that was against the budget rules.

So, Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., proposed Wednesday that the budget rules be waived, a measure that required 60 votes. The Senate voted 68-30 Wednesday to waive existing budget requirements to allow the immigration measure to proceed for a vote later this week that would increase the national deficit unless the Social Security Trust Fund is raided.

The immigration bill requires construction of 700 miles of Southern border fencing, the purchase of more than $3 billion in new technology for border security, and the mandatory hiring of 20,000 more border patrol agents. Those increased border security measures come with a price tag.

Republican critics of the measure stated that the Social Security Trust Fund shouldn’t be used as a slush fund to pay for other projects, since the money will have to be returned to the trust fund at some point.

Why is that Senator? Over $2 Trillion dollars have been taken from the Social Security Trust Fund and replaced by IOUs for decades. The fund is already borrowing the money to pay current benefit obligations.