Sebelius – Obamacare opponents like those opposed to civil rights

The HHS Secretary, Sebelius, speaking before the NAACP convention in Orlando, Florida stated that opponents of Obamacare are the same kind of people who opposed civil rights legislation in the 60’s.

She is comparing those who oppose America’s eventual one-size-fits-all socialized medicine; even those with half-a-brain who can see this program will cost hundreds of billions more than is being spent now on healthcare, with those who opposed civil rights.

Weren’t Congressional Republicans, who now oppose Obamacare to a person, instrumental in the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act? What is she thinking? Is she trying to make those who oppose Obamacare feel guilty? Why is it always emotion with this administration versus debating the issues with the facts?

Excerpt of Sebelius – healthcare with civil rights mix:

“The Affordable Care Act is the most powerful law for reducing health disparities since Medicare and Medicaid  were created in 1965, the same year the Voting Rights Act was also enacted.”

So again it’s about disparities? How about making the system more efficient, less costly while raising the level of care? No, with this administration it’s about making everyone equally miserable, more dependent on the government and the system doesn’t improve – because that’s not their goal!

Sebelius then said that the fight for Obamacare requires the kind of work that the NAACP has done for more than a century to move us forward.


“You showed it in the fight against lynching and the fight for desegregation.  You showed it by ensuring inalienable rights are secured in the courtroom and at the ballot box. And you showed it by supporting a  health law 100 years in the making.”

So, according to Sebelius, support for Obamacare is compared in the same paragraph with the fight against lynching and the fight for desegregation and voting rights – thus drawing conclusions from her own racial inferences!

Even Obama is beginning to dismantle his own medical marvel, first by delaying the employer mandate, because it will costs jobs and hours on the job, as businesses cut hours and jobs to deflect its costs and to reduce the effect on the 2014 elections after Americans see how Obamacare will affect their lives.

Unions are demanding a fix or waiver to Obamacare because they don’t want to lose their health care benefits, as promised by the president, as this monstrosity passed through Congress, without the time to even read the bill, in the dead of night on Christmas Eve in Washington, without a single Republican vote – the ilk!