Senator Obama,”President doesn’t have power to unilaterally attack Iran”

President Obama is more than willing to attack Syria unilaterally, without approval of Congress or even the UN to prove his credibility to the world, once he threatened that Assad’s use of WMDs would cross a red line in the sand.

However, the response made by “Senator” Obama on December 20, 2007 to a reporter’s question as to what circumstances would the president (Bush) have the constitutional authority to bomb Iran without first seeking authorization from Congress, says it all.


“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”


“As President, I will not assert a constitutional authority to deploy troops in a manner contrary to an express limit imposed by Congress and adopted into law.”

This president is a totally political entity, without principled positions on the issues, which are financially destroying America and making decisions that are placing our nation at risk by ignoring our allies and demonstrating obvious weakness and indecision to our enemies.




    Here we go again, BO,

    Your words, not anyone else’s:

    [#1] “First, Not one military jet or otherwise fly’s without me putting together the hardware and making them work…so ..!!

    Plus, I’m going to help you out here with anything English with the words in CAPS inside of the [brackets].

    [#2] “For somebody NOT smart enough to grasp what I said about those jets not atking [TAKING] off without our parts as I said before….without our gearboxs [GEARBOXES] it is a fact your jet wont [WON’T] even start…your back slapping made me fall out of my seat from laughter….I work with all kids [KIINDS] of guys like you who are just in love with themselves about how great they think they are…like you navy.

    The merr [MERE] fact that I wrote like ten words agreeing with JRM set you off on another one of your stupid diatribes…what do they put in the water down their [THERE]…anyway.”

    Now examine your previous statement [#1] and the multitude of times that you made that statement against what you posted today [#2].

    Again, I hate to burst your bubble, but there are other companies besides yours that make gearboxes for military jets. Use Google and look up “military jet gearboxes.” Also consider this, there are hundreds of things that will make my jet not start or fly … engines, wings, ailerons, vertical stabilizers, elevators (hint: not the kind you ride in), an APU, tires, stick or yoke, etc.

    But there are also the aircrews that take care of the jets, the LSO’s, the flight deck personnel, etc.
    And despite your statement a few weeks ago, a pilot is needed. I know you said, you are working on something that doesn’t require a military pilot, but even the drones require a military pilot. He / she happen to be at a control center somewhere in the world controlling the flight and release the bombs. Unless of course, you happen to think that the military is just hiring weekend hobbyists to come in and fly the drones worth millions of $$.

    The cost to train a Navy or Air Force pilot is about $2.5 MM. The cost to train drone pilots from scratch is about $ 750K. There may be a day in the future when military pilots are never needed.
    However, that day will probably not occur in or lifetimes as long as there needs to be control of the seas and other major powers – such as Russia and China — have aircraft carriers.

    You seem to think that you cannot be replaced. Hate to burst your bubble, but each and every one of us is replaceable. You are just a cog in the gearbox assembly line. I was just a cog in the Navy and Naval Aviation. When I left the Navy, I was immediately replaced. I have no clue whether my replacement was better or worse than me. My sincere hope was that he/she was extraordinary and could fly the socks off of me. As I always want us to have the best military, the best Navy and the best Naval Aviators in the world.



    It’s interesting that you really believe that any individual deserves recognition, especially the Nobel Peace Prize, after only two weeks on the job.

    I know that you have declined to answer the question all day, but please inform all of us what BHO accomplished in his entire life that would warrant the NPP within two weeks of assuming his the presidency. The only things that come to my mind is that he gave many great teleprompter speeches, including his 2004 speech at the DNC in Colorado, the many speeches on his during his first campaign and, yes, his speech in Egypt where he pretty much apologized for the United States being the United States.

    Quite frankly, if somehow Putin pulls off his PHONY “I’ll take control of the WMD’s in Syria” act, he will have accomplished more than Obama has in the Mideast in his time as president as evidenced by the previously mentioned Obama quagmires in Iran, Egypt (twice) and Libya.

    Don’t get me wrong, Putin does NOT DESERVE THE NPP, but if BHO can get one for accomplishing absolutely nothing in his life prior to his award, then why not Putin?

    Frankly, I don’t think that any politician should ever get the prize unless they pull off world peace without any weapon being drawn. Not even Gandhi got one. Yet the likes of Stalin and Hitler were nominated during while committing their atrocities.

    BO, one other note just in case you were not aware. When you said this: “Nuss Hugo Chavez called he’s mad that your one uping him…!!!,” there is no way that it could happen. Unless of course, Hugo was speaking from his grave … he’s dead!!

    Finally, for those keeping score – JRM has accused me of that – here are your blogs time today: 6:57 am / 7:46 am / 9:30 am / 11:05 am / 11:28 am / 12:09 pm / 1:44 pm / 5:41 pm

    Yesterday you only had 6 at work. Congratulations!! Today you beat that mark with 7!!

    Just a concerned tax payer as you waste our money.

    God forbid, you do any work while on the clock.


    JRM, aka the god of CommonSense,

    It appears that you had to get some anger off your chest and that I hit a sore spot with you. I hope that you …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … (I’m sorry I dozed off while reading your vitriolic response) are feeling better.

    However, now that Wilson also outed you off your high throne on top of the commode, I suspect that both of us will be sent to the god of CommonSense’s hell and be chastised once again for not bowing before your infinite Common Sense and Wisdom. I know that both of us blasphemed you as the god of infinite CommonSense and must suffer our punishment. We are not worthy of your mercy, so just give us tell us how many “Our god of CommonSense” and “Hail god of CommonSense” prayers we must recite while on our knees with our heads bowed before you. But be aware, neither Wilson nor I, will get on your prayer rug.

    Please have a nice evening as you contemplate our punishment. And don’t forget to perform the Constitution consulting work you now have.



    I sympathize for your family but cannot truly empathize as I never had any history of family have to endure Hitler.

    Whereas, I fully supported both wars in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, I have mixed feelings about what should be done in Syria. I know that there are those who disagree with me as no WMD’s – despite the best intelligence from all of our allies and the strong bipartisan support in Congress – were ever found in Iraq. There has always been intelligence to support the position that Saddam moved his WMD’s into Syria with Assad’s permission. It would be interesting to potentially have that checked out and verified now as part of Putin’s PHONY proposal to hold Syria’s WMD’s.

    That aside, part of me doesn’t support any action in Syria, as I truly don’t think Obama is up to the task. Everything he has touched in the Mideast – failure to support the uprising in Iran in 2009 or so, two failures in Egypt and the Benghazi fiasco – is a quagmire. I definitely don’t want our military men and women on the ground, unless it is some highly secretive – never to be revealed (note to Obama and Biden about Navy Seal Team 6) – Special Forces operation to eliminate Assad.

    I know that some will yell at me about assassinating a country’s leader. But how many soldiers would have been saved had Hitler been assassinated?

    I think what I do support is a very targeted bombing – drones if possible but if not our great Air Force and Navy pilots – much like Reagan did against the Gaddafi family compound. Although it didn’t kill Gaddafi, it did kill one of his children. That was very unfortunate, yet Gaddafi disappeared for almost 30 years until Benghazi.

    Target Assad and take him out. If he survives, yet loses some family quite possibly he will pull a Gaddafi.

    The obvious downside is who the hell takes charge in Syria. But ask yourself this. Is Assad on our side? And how much worse can it get for us in Syria?


    As we enter this day please pause a moment and say a prayer for all of our men and women who are currently serving in the military; for those who are recovering from horrendous injuries as a result of the wars; for those families who have lost loved ones who were defending our freedom; for those who lost family members and friends 12 years ago in NYC, the Pentagon and PA.; and for those who lost family members and friends one year ago in Benghazi.

  6. Carol, Obama has done NOTHING worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, but, since he “means well”, I guess that doesn’t matter (if you are a socialist/Marxist community organizer).

    I would hope that the koolaid-free Democrats would admit that “The Messiah’s” foreign policy has been nothing short of an epic fail, especially in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and now, Syria.

    His economic policies have created the worst “recovery” in our history. Our worker participation rate is at its lowest level since the Carter administration, and our debt continues to rise, rapidly. Yes, I know that the increases are less than they were, but that is AFTER Obama raised them to record levels. They are still higher that the Bush #43 deficits.

  7. 73% of US deaths in Afghanistan under Obama’s watch.

  8. CarolF964

    NAVYFLYER, when chemical weapons are used it’s our business. The Middle East is no exception nor that they were used against some that might not be our allies. The world is changing in ways we might not appreciate at this moment in time. If we expect to be an important part of it, than it’s our responsibility to up our game in understanding the changes.

    Some say we have no interest in Syria etc., and it doesn’t effect us. They are the head in the sand people. The non thinkers past the next day or week. Whom ever ends up in charge of that nation is who we will have to deal with in the end. If we allow either side to use chemical weapons, than no side will trust us when they win. So we shoot ourselves in the foot by not acting in this matter.
    There’s a good deal of talk about it takes far too long even if we begin, using the United Nations, to get rid of all of Assad’s chemical weapons. Ten years of better is being bantered about as a time frame. Will cost money etc.. It’s far better to be rid of them even if it takes ten years than to still have them in the Middle East being used. There’s nothing political about that needing to be done, yet we see so many making this no more than politics as usual.
    Do we, or should we, trust Putin in this matter as he’s a business partner of Syria?
    Please note, we don’t even trust ourselves. I have my doubts Syria trusts the Russians fully. My point being we can all still do the business needed to accomplish the task as trust is sometimes why we blow it. Non trust is an asset in these kinds of deals.
    We are all tired of war and being the policeman of the World. The choice is become a third rate nation and make India or China #1, but I doubt any of us would enjoy how they take on the task.
    President Obama is a man for these times. That’s an asset. Thank goodness he’s not acting like former President Reagan who wouldn’t fit into this era. Head in the sand won’t cut it in a World moving faster electronically than ever before with existing nations still so backward they don’t have clean water nor common medical services.
    And I’m rather fond of JRM, but be kinder.

  9. Carol,
    Please elaborate on your comment about “President Obama is a man for these times”
    I’d like to see examples of his policies or whatever that leads you to think this.
    Who knows maybe you can convince me.

  10. CarolF964

    SNuss, when you get past calling the usual descriptive list of names you feel make this President unworthy to hold office, let us all know?
    The one that tickles me the most is “community organizer” as if that’s such a bad thing. Having done something along those lines for seniors some years back, I think I understand exactly how rewarding and useful in any community that can be in this world. Working with those in need is an eye opener and very humbling. Anyone can write a check, but one on one kind of helping to get a good result for someone changes both lives in a positive way. Maybe that’s why this President keeps holding out his hand to those who have behaved so badly in the past and have been unwilling to try to work together in behalf of this nation? You’ve made money problems, political problems. Take it from one who understands money, it’s money. No more and no less. It doesn’t vote nor send you a Christmas Card. If you don’t understand to treat it with respect that’s a big mistake.

  11. Carol, if you think that Obama is helping the poor with his failed economic policies, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, cheap. Read the facts, researched by some of your California neighbors:

    The gulf between the richest 1 percent and the rest of America is the widest it’s been since the Roaring ’20s.

    The very wealthiest Americans earned more than 19 percent of the country’s household income last year – their biggest share since 1928, the year before the stock market crash. And the top 10 percent captured a record 48.2 percent of total earnings last year.

    Read more at: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20130910/DA8NN7U02.html

  12. Carol, I use “community organizer’ as a derisive term, because those of Obama’s ilk don’t seek to empower the poor, they seek to keep them dependent on their government “sugar daddies”, in exchange for votes. These race-hustlers foment an “us against them” mantra, while stuffing their own pockets with monies that could be far better spent on REAL education, instead of Leftist social engineering and brain-washing .

    Tell me Carol, are you happy that California schoolchildren can now pick and choose which gender bathrooms they can use, sans any counseling? I’m certain that really enhances the educational experience for a majority of the students.

  13. JRM_CommonSense

    $2.5 million of the taxpayers money spent to train an internet school yard bully. Amazing!

  14. Snuss, come on he has helped the poor, their numbers have increased under his watch.
    Increases are good right?
    “According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “the gap between rich and poor Americans grew in 2011 as the poverty rate remained at almost a two-decade high,” while 25.7 million women live in poverty, which is another record high.
    In addition, 16.3% of women now live in poverty, which is the highest rate in 17 years, and the number of families living in poverty increased to 9.5 million, another record high. ”
    More good news, Carol you are you going to convince me?
    “80 percent of U.S. adults face near-poverty, unemployment, survey finds”

    So JRM, did you serve?

  15. CarolF964

    Wilson & SNuss
    Your comments convince me you have a real problem facing reality where this President is concerned.
    First you’d have to understand how you got into this financial mess as a nation.
    Second, taking responsibility for not speaking up until what was wrong was about to land on your personal doorsteps and directly effect you.
    The term, “nanny state,” has been used often as a description referring to how President Obama runs government. It’s meant to be an insult toward Democrats as a whole. Cradle to grave, the government is controlling your life in the U.S.A., correct?
    Social Security is bad. Medicare is bad. Department of Education is bad and so it goes. Only the Military is good as that’s all the Founding Fathers envisioned in the late 1700’s along with funding government by the use of tariff taxes. Oh, I forgot, it was OK to have a Postal Department.
    So government is basically evil as it tells you too much of what you can and can’t do with your own life? Takes away personal control?
    This President has more citizens using government programs than any in the past is your reasoning for why all of his ideas don’t add up to much of anything, correct?
    We don’t need to go back as to how you got into such a financial mess. It wasn’t because Obama invented social programs. He certainly didn’t blame the American People for using available programs. What he does understand is the people are assets always and not liabilities to be shunned in difficult times. You’ll need to look to big businesses response for that kind of short-sighted reasoning. The same place you looked before when you thought you had so much freedom of choice about your lives when all you actually had was the ups and downs of that cycle big business was in for which ever decade. Before the Wal-Marts has the ability to put out of business all those small businesses and replace them with poorer paying jobs. You whine a good deal about there not being good jobs, now, but you have no understanding about how you got to where you are so you blame this President.
    Government didn’t tell the Wal-Marts they couldn’t ;come or that big business couldn’t move to other countries. Didn’t say they couldn’t take their profits out of the U.S.A. as do other nations. They did say we have programs so our citizens don’t freeze to death in the winter, nor starve, nor not have the ability to see a doctor. In third world nations you have the right to die at the side of the road and they enforce that right by not giving their citizens any other choice in the matter.
    We are about ready to get to money matters in the Congress again. You remember them, the guys who felt taking that 10% across the board cuts was a good idea they could easily live with because it wouldn’t be them living with it, but us. Now the older and wiser Republicans want to work something out. The Tea Party side wants to use it to defund healthcare. The President has never closed his out-stretched hand to the Republicans in money matters. He has always said what he feels needs to be done while offering them much of what they felt needed to be done as well. That alone makes him a man for this time.
    When you thought allowing big business to run your lives was a good idea rather than balance between government and business, you laid the path for unemployment and higher numbers of citizens ending up on government programs. When you took out creditcards to pay off other creditcards, in an effort to keep up a lifestyle that was disappearing, you began your own personal irresponsibility in financial matters. Allowing banks to make profits by gauging card holders rather than by good investing practices was a huge mistake.
    When you decide you own some of what happened by your silence, let me know. Count up those cards you had before the big slide downhill gentlemen. Explain how this President put them into your hands or placed big business in charge of your lives?
    And as for gender in schools in California. That’s sort of like Putin’s editorial blasting President Obama today. Sticks and stones, sticks and stones. Putin arrests gays for just showing they are gay as he feels it influences straight kids to be gay. He arrests and sends to prison those who produce music he feels in rude along with their behaviors. Perhaps his previous employment as head of the KGB left him unable to accept change? I’d like to thing neither of you have that same problem.
    Poverty didn’t increase because we had too much government. Putin has the real nanny state from cradle to grave. The man who still has his hand out to the opposition, is the right man for this time in our history. He didn’t give up on you and your mistakes and wants you to be a part of the solution. Can’t say the same about your side of the table and you’re taking down the Conservative Republican Party in an effort to remain in the past.

  16. Carol I am still waiting,
    Please elaborate on your comment about “President Obama is a man for these times”
    I’d like to see examples of his policies or whatever that leads you to think this.
    Who knows maybe you can convince me.

    “This President has more citizens using government programs than any in the past is your reasoning for why all of his ideas don’t add up to much of anything, correct?
    No not correct.
    What are his ideas for that 3 letter word “JOBS” and how have they worked out?

    I blame this President for not living up to his promises…. period.
    Show me where his policies have improved anything, please.

    Read more: http://blogs.e-rockford.com/tedbiondo/2013/08/30/senator-obamapresident-doesnt-have-power-to-unilaterally-attack-iran/#ixzz2egyQIuHp

  17. CarolF964

    Guess some have missed jobs (JOBS) have been created already.
    When you look for a man of his times, in dealing with politics, trying understanding exactly what that means, Wilson.
    We often bring up Clinton and his dealing with the Congress when each side had very basic disagreements. We celebrate how they managed to find a path of give and take to settle on a way to more forward. Sorry you don’t get it.
    I don’t plan to convince you of anything. Just give you some food for thought so you can open your vision just a bit wider. Recall the offers on the table. Ask why they couldn’t come to a choice to better serve all of us and why the American People feel the bottleneck is in the Republicans unable to speak with one voice.
    If you don’t recall he’s done an early withdrawal from Iraq and will do the same from Afghanistan, I can’t think of anything else as obvious to mention.
    You don’t see his standing up to chemical weapons as being important. You do blame him for the embassy being over-run and people being killed, but you haven’t much to say about those who did the deed. Tells me you don’t keep you eyes on the real problems but only on what is political in nature for the moment.
    You don’t even see his policies with the military, such as using drones, has keep boots off the ground and saved money.
    I’m in for the long haul in both changing our economy and how we deal with those around the World. The long haul isn’t the next 2 or 4 years as elections go.
    I expect to wake up one morning to find Assad has been bombed and the Congress, along with President Putin, will be upset. Oh, well, Putin can always do another editorial in the Times.

  18. If you don’t recall he’s done an early withdrawal from Iraq and will do the same from Afghanistan, I can’t think of anything else as obvious to mention.

    Wow, I am impressed I think there was a timetable for Iraq and time will tell if we left at the proper time.
    You are giving our President future credit for pulling out of Afghanistan.

    Please give me something not so “obvious”
    ” You do blame him for the embassy being over-run and people being killed, but you haven’t much to say about those who did the deed.” Well with this administration it was a movie to blame.

    So has the President lived up to his promise to get those who did it?
    Don’t tell me they can’t find them as the media has had no problem. What about those folks who were there who are prohibited from testifying?
    “You don’t even see his policies with the military, such as using drones, has keep boots off the ground and saved money.” Carol are you clairvoyant?
    OK, we bomb Assad, what is the plan? just a tiny bombing, “an unbelievably small, limited kind of effort.” or a big offensive since we don’t do pinpricks (I guess he didn’t tell Kerry)
    who replaces Assad? Do we have proof Assad used chemical weapons? Susan Rice gave us false intelligence about a movie causing Benghazi, so now I am supposed to believe her on Syria?

    “Obama barely met with Congressional leaders at all for much of 2012, preferring to concentrate on getting reelected instead of trying to avoid a last minute crunch to avoid the fiscal cliff’s massive spending cuts.”
    “Obama has met only once with Republican leaders since being reelected three weeks ago and has no public plans for specific future gatherings, even as desperate talks to avoid the “fiscal cliff” continue.”

    JOBS, we aren’t creating enough to keep up with those entering the market.

  19. Brian opsahl

    I see mr.Navy guy still can’t spell my name…hhmm..?
    Disrespect must of been his major.

    On the day after 911 I always remember those firemen and first responders running into those burning buildings…never ever forget them

  20. CarolF964

    Wilson, did you forget there was a committee formed and they nearly had a plan where the finances were concerned?
    The President purposely stayed out of that committee’s work as the Congress is supposed to do the work of the budget. He already had meetings at the White House and that ended when the Tea Party couldn’t allow anything more than their way to happen. In politics, the White House doesn’t stick its’ nose into a committee’s work. That’s a lack of respect. The President became involved and had members of Congress to the White House to try to help the process of a budget because both houses couldn’t get the job done. The ten to one offer of tax cuts Republicans could make to one tax increase the President needed was on the table.

    Each branch of government has its’ responsibilities according to the Constitution. I think the Speaker of the House & the Head dog of the Tea Party have the White Houses phone number. If they want a meeting, they can drop a dime to get one. I don’t recall they have ever been turned down. Hey, I could be mistaken so you may name a day that happened?

    And they are ahead of schedule for leaving Afghanistan and did leave Iraq earlier than scheduled as well.
    So the news media found people that were witnesses to the embassy being attacked and you feel that means nothing is being done to find who planned this event etc..?
    You want some of those present that night to testify before committee so everyone will know exactly whatever our government knows about whom they suspect?
    No you want to play politics. I feel this President has already proven is has no problem in taking on those in the middle east when he risked it all to go after Ben Ladin. Pakistan is supposed to be an ally if you recall.
    What is happening in the Middle East isn’t because of anything this President has done or not done. Less has happened because he’s not told them what kind of government they should have for themselves. We will be several more Presidents down the road of time before we see stability in that region.
    And if you stopped to think about it, you aren’t willing to really do anything in that area anyway, one way or the other. No patience and no plan, just politics as usual, Wilson?
    If we aren’t keeping up with the jobs being created, may I suggest you ask Apple etc. why they moved factories to China? Can make it here and ship it there but that might require paying a decent wage & benefits here. And since you fear regulations, bye bye jobs, Wilson.

    When you only play politics, it plays havoc with common sense solutions to basic problems. I don’t recall the Constitution says the President creates jobs but the Congress does regulate business with laws. Have you asked them about JOBS lately?

  21. CarolF964

    ps. Wilson
    I feel everyone has heard enough from us on this article and further talk.
    Don’t be offended if I don’t respond back if you comment further.


    JRM, aka the god of CommonSense,


    It appears that once again that you had to use a vitriolic response to get some anger off your chest and that I hit a sore spot with you.

    Please have a nice evening as you contemplate my additional punishment. And don’t forget to perform the Constitution consulting work you now have.



    You crack me up. It is not “… must of been …” It is “must HAVE been.”

    You’re wrong on my major, but at least I had a major. What was your major again?

    By the way, how’s JRM performing for you in terms of his consultant work?

  24. Yes Carol, you write sentences, that state your opinion, but in the end you provide nothing to support your claim “that this “President Obama is a man for these times”

    Well Carol, there have been no arrests and the government knows who they are, and you don’t see a problem.
    We can’t get the facts about Benghazi (where is the transparency?) and no one is held accountable except the movie maker. I would think you would have empathy for the mothers who lost their sons who can’t find out anything. I guess Hilary acted like she cared, that was one of the mothers comments. I guess saw how phoney Hilary was..
    It isn’t my job to ask Apple, Motorola is building phones here and I own a Motorola. Why don’t you do something about it? I buy American whenever I can. I bet you use Apple products.
    I know instead of making the country desirable to business, lets make it undesirable so they go off shore or maybe the best idea is to pass a law that forces them to stay here, then some bureaucrats can figure out what a fair wage is and force the business to pay a fair wage. Then to really make it nice the government can determine what a fair price is for their goods. I thin we are talking nirvana!

    What am I supposed to do about the middle east? for that matter what are you doing? for that matter what the heck are you talking about?
    ” No patience and no plan, just politics as usual” you must be talking about Obama right?
    Well there are plenty of energy JOBS just waiting to be created and they aren’t and who is preventing that Carol?
    Now for your other half lucid remark about the Middle East.

    In the beginning, the Hebrew Bible tells us, the universe was all “tohu wabohu,” chaos and tumult. This month the Middle East seems to be reverting to that primeval state: Iraq continues to unravel, the Syrian War grinds on with violence spreading to Lebanon and allegations of chemical attacks this week, and Egypt stands on the brink of civil war with the generals crushing the Muslim Brotherhood and street mobs torching churches. Turkey’s prime minister, once widely hailed as President Obama’s best friend in the region, blames Egypt’s violence on the Jews; pretty much everyone else blames it on the U.S.

    The Obama administration had a grand strategy in the Middle East. It was well intentioned, carefully crafted and consistently pursued.

    Unfortunately, it failed.

    The plan was simple but elegant: The U.S. would work with moderate Islamist groups like Turkey’s AK Party and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to make the Middle East more democratic. This would kill three birds with one stone. First, by aligning itself with these parties, the Obama administration would narrow the gap between the ‘moderate middle’ of the Muslim world and the U.S. Second, by showing Muslims that peaceful, moderate parties could achieve beneficial results, it would isolate the terrorists and radicals, further marginalizing them in the Islamic world. Finally, these groups with American support could bring democracy to more Middle Eastern countries, leading to improved economic and social conditions, gradually eradicating the ills and grievances that drove some people to fanatical and terroristic groups.

    President Obama (whom I voted for in 2008) and his team hoped that the success of the new grand strategy would demonstrate once and for all that liberal Democrats were capable stewards of American foreign policy. The bad memories of the Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter presidencies would at last be laid to rest; with the public still unhappy with George W. Bush’s foreign policy troubles, Democrats would enjoy a long-term advantage as the party most trusted by voters to steer the country through stormy times.

    “Don’t be offended if I don’t respond back if you comment further.”
    Won’t bother me a bit, what else can you say you can’t defend your man of our times so retreat.

  25. JRM_CommonSense

    It is really interesting that those who most vehemently complain about a president using a teleprompter are also the ones who can only quote verbatim from articles in magazines and newspapers. Exactly like using a teleprompter isn’t it?

  26. Of course, a certain whiny, thinks-he-knows-it-all poster complains if we don’t document the reasoning behind our commentary. It’s hard to do that, without quoting from the sources.

  27. This is the same guy who provided debunked information on ZM’s emergency 911 call as fact.Then after being pummeled he finally cut and pasted the real information, which I can only guess was for himself since everyone else new those facts.

  28. JRM_CommonSense

    Exactly like using a teleprompter.

    “ZM,s” and “new”. Looks like Brian has rubbed off on you! And the only mistake was “911” versis “411”. But I am absolutely sure that you are going to say different again.

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