White House knew Obamacare Claims were false – what a sleaze!

According to Fox News Morning Report, even as President Obama was assuring voters prior to the 2012 election that “you will keep your health insurance” under Obamacare, the White House knew that between 40 percent and 67 percent of individual policy holders were going to lose their coverage under the law now moving toward final implementation.

An NBC News investigation revealed that Obama officials were already forecasting 7 million people would lose their insurance under the president’s plan, even as Obama was reassuring voters nervous about their coverage under his law.

As Megyn Kelly reported on “The Kelly File,” an IRS regulation pushed by the Department of Health and Human Services in 2010 outlined the massive disruptions.

What a sleaze! This is affecting a lot of Medicare elderly with Medicare Advantage Plans as reported on last night’s news if you view the non-mainstream media!