Obama and Sebelius lie about Obamacare cancelling your health insurance plans.

According to the Heritage Foundation, Obamacare dictates what government-approved health insurance looks like. That’s the whole point of the law. You must buy government-approved health insurance, and the bureaucrats tell you what it must cover.
But President Obama and Health Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are now denying it. Yesterday, they both publically stated that Obamacare is not responsible for the cancelling of policies – it’s the insurance companies. What they are not saying is it is due to the ACA’s regulations for minimal coverage.

Obama called insurance plans that are getting canceled “substandard” and said people could actually keep those plans if insurers still offered them (which they can’t under the President’s health care law). He said those plans are getting canceled only if “insurers decided to downgrade or cancel these substandard plans” (which they must under the law).

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But guess what? If your plan is canceled, Obamacare will bring you a “better deal,” according to Obama.

That likely won’t make sense to people seeing these Obamacare premium hikes in 42 states.

The bread and butter of Obamacare is transforming health insurance, forcing Americans to buy a government-mandated product, and dictating what health care must look like.

Yet Sebelius said “This isn’t a government takeover of anything.”

This administration never admits any wrong doing. They are not just Teflon figures, they are simply liars!