Supreme Court should review individual contraception mandate, not just Corporate mandate

The Supreme Court agreed to take the Case of Hobby Lobby and another corporation, who say their religious rights are being violated by forcing them to pay for their employees contraceptives and abortifacients.

Obamacare is actually making those who pay for uninsured people’s premiums, which includes contraceptives. If contraception is against our beliefs, aren’t we as individuals also losing our religious freedom? Religious freedom doesn’t just stop at the church door on Sundays. It is practiced in everyday life.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which supports Obama’s position, said that “religious freedom does not include the right to impose your beliefs on others … particularly where that means discriminating against their employees.”

It’s the “owners” of the business whose religious rights are being violated, not the business itself. The Supreme Court only upheld the individual mandate of Obamacare after Chief Judge Roberts called it a tax. The court didn’t look at the Obamacare mandate from the religious freedom aspect. That’s why the court is reviewing religious freedom at this time.

Obamacare not only forces individuals to buy a product for themselves – that’s one thing, but individuals are being forced to pay for health insurance for others; for example, everyone pays for maternity care and contraception, whether or not the person is an elderly man or a young woman, in order to cover those who are uninsured or receive subsidies.

Then isn’t Obamacare forcing everyone to buy contraceptives for others to use, imposing the government’s beliefs on us? Hope the Supremes think of that angle. This isn’t separation of church and state. Individuals are not the state, and the state should not be able to force its beliefs on us according to the First Amendment.