Obamacare’s prognosis is terminal – long live healthcare choice!

Obamacare is terminally ill, if one looks at the overwhelming majority point of view in the U.S. – see the tables. Obamacare has already caused over 5 million policies to be cancelled and premiums and deductibles to rise double to triple in many cases.

At present, this law is simply swapping healthcare insurance from those who had it and obtaining insurance for 1/10 of that number for those who didn’t have it.

Anyone can see that Obamacare wasn’t really implemented to provide the uninsured with healthcare insurance – its primary goal was to get everyone on a single payer system where we all must rely on inefficient government officials and corrupt ones from the IRS, which is providing the taxing power to make us do exactly what the government demands.

The website still doesn’t work as of today, as many predicted, and small businesses have now also been delayed from implementation for one year. I thought this was the “law of the land” – how does Obama think he has dictatorial power to change the “law of the land” without the vote of the Congress that approved it late one night without a single Republican vote.

Obamacare has now shown us that emperor Obama is wearing no clothes – and Obamacare will take the shirts and blouses off our backs, unless it is stopped.