The “Basket of Deplorables” election revolution

The so-called Basket of Deplorables and the millions of forgotten people, who were either left behind or unemployed during the “economic recovery,” led Tuesday’s election day revolution.

The deplorables voted for Donald Trump for president because:

Trump led the revolution against the Establishment Republican and Democratic parties, who continued to maintain the status quo with respect to globalization, regardless of the unlevel playing field in trade, jobs and lack of international respect for America, which was in sharp decline;

The administration’s policies had convinced 57% of the voters that the country was headed in the wrong direction;

The ObamaCare legacy was imploding on itself and millions lost health care plans they were satisfied with, their doctors and their costs and deductibles were skyrocketing 100% in some states, because of another social experiment gone wrong;

Voters were able to communicate with each other and understand the issues through media other than CBS, ABC NBC and MSNBC, whose uncompromising bias. Many were now able to see that others thought as they did and they voted accordingly, knowing that they were not alone in their views;

Illinois remains an island of BLUE in a sea of RED Midwestern states and the RED states are doing much better economically by any measure;

He dashed the politically correct elite who criticize everyone who disagrees with their views, calling them racist, homophobic, islamophobic and other vile names;

The pundits, the pollsters and the administration and the elected officials all missed the mood of and the distress in the voices of the people and dismissed Trump supporters as an uneducated, basket of deplorables;

Energy independence through the use of coal, gas, fracking, and nuclear energy will allow America self reliance, providing jobs until energy workers can be retrained in alternative energy without the threats of putting coal miners out of business;

The Second Amendment will be enforced and border security will be provided for all Americans to be safe in their homes and throughout the nation;

The Supreme Court and the U.S. Appellate Courts will be reshaped for decades to come, with respect for the defenders of the Constitution and the rule of law rather than the rule of men;

The election victory was a victory for the continuation of the Constitution of the United States itself;

Trillions of dollars will be repatriated from around the world by lowering corporate taxes within a certain time frame, to pay for rebuilding American infrastructure – roads, bridges and highways creating real jobs for American workers paying much more than a minimum wage;

Government doesn’t create jobs, businesses create jobs and by lowering excessive business taxes and government regulations on American businesses, they will be more competitive in the global market. The government needs to get out of the way;

Elimination of illegal immigration will reduce the competition for the jobs our workers are willing to do for a fair wage and not wages determined by unfair labor competition;

The government should only provide the people the opportunity to succeed; it cannot guarantee or force equal outcomes as the present administration has attempted. America is a democratic republic – it is not a European socialistic state;

The government should be run by and with the consent of the governed, not by the dictates of the few and powerful and the unilateral decisions of the president and the Washington bureaucracy;

Religious freedom should be respected and not ridiculed if one’s religious beliefs forbid them from doing something that violates their faith, even if secularists think it discriminates against those who think differently.

Veterans will receive the respect and benefits to which they are entitled with excellent and timely medical help when needed.

He won because he offers parents the right to choose their children’s schools with the taxes following the children, creating competition between educational institution to the advantage of the children’s education!

The tax structure for American taxpayers and small businesses needs to be reformed and reduced. The government has a spending problem not a revenue problem!

He won because he believes in enforced border security to maintain our country’s national sovereignty despite the wave of globalism that threatens to wash over America’s greatness and rightful place in the world.

Gender and race should never be considered as qualifications for the presidency of the United States;

The president serves at the consent of the governed, not the dictates of a president who bypasses the peoples’ elected representatives through executive orders, many of which were overruled by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional;

The government should be transparent, with no secret email servers having little or no security, which jeopardizes everyone in the nation’s safety;

Trump has promised in the first hundred days, he will appoint a Supreme Court Justice like Scalia, stop the IRAN nuclear deal, which threatens world peace, override all of Obama’s illegal and over-extended Executive Orders, which were not passed by Congress, restart the Keystone pipeline ensuring our energy independence from nations which hate us, tax reform and the return of many freedoms to the people to “Make America Great Again.”