UN treaty signed to prevent weapons going to terrorist, too late to stop terrorists from stealing U.S. weapons in Benghazi or Mexico!

Secretary of State John Kerry signed a controversial U.N. treaty today that critics believe opens the U.S. to international interference and could serve as a basis to threaten U.S. Second Amendment rights. Excerpt: Kerry said … responsible nations should have control systems that reduce the risk that conventional arms transfers will be used “to carry out the world’s worst crimes, including those involving terrorism, and serious human rights violations.” Kerry also said: … that the United States looks forward to...

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Research shows that defensive gun use saves lives!

  From today’s Patriot Post – Excerpt: In January, Barack Obama was leading the charge for federal gun control measures, standing on the caskets of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in December. He asked the Centers for Disease Control to “research the causes and prevention of gun violence.” His objective, of course, was to reinforce the leftist narrative that guns were to blame for acts of evil. Instead of blaming the perpetrator, the Left focuses on the implement. The CDC passed the job to the...

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Quinn creates nonstandard Concealed Carry throughout Illinois

According to Joe Sosnowski’s July 02, 2013 eNewsletter, Quinn is using his amendatory veto power to unilaterally change many portions of HB183, the Concealed Carry bill passed by a veto-proof majority vote of both houses of the General Assembly. The governor’s language will create a patchwork of different regulations and overly restrictive laws that will only obstruct law abiding citizens’ second amendment rights – the Chicago way! The governor is changing these portions of the law: Illinois must keep guns out of any...

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Firearm manufacturers are relocating from states with strict gun control

Today’s Patriot Post shows that those whose Second Amendment rights have been further restricted by blue state legislators are fighting back. Some firearm manufacturers in those states are planning to relocate their businesses to other states, while the citizens are attempting to recall politicians who supported the increased restrictions. Excerpt: Connecticut has long been home to a number of firearm manufacturers, but that’s quickly changing following state lawmakers’ decision to exploit the Sandy Hook massacre to increase...

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Illinois concealed-carry law fails to pass – Blessing in disguise?

Another attempt to pass the concealed-carry law in Illinois failed last week even though it captured the overwhelming majority of the vote 64-45, but needed a supermajority of 71 votes. A supermajority vote was required because the bill would override the home-rule authority of some municipalities to establish their own concealed-carry rules, and the bill sets a state-wide standard. The U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit stuck down Illinois’ last-state-in-the-nation ban on concealed-carry and ordered the state to pass some form of...

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Missouri Democrats propose assault weapon confiscation bill

For all the gun control advocates who continually try to reassure gun owners that gun laws will not involve confiscation, take a look at the bill Democrats introduced in the Missouri legislature. Excerpt: The bill  would give owners of certain types of “assault” weapons 90 days to either turn them in to authorities, disable them or ship them out of the state. According to House Bill 545, “assault” rifles are defined as any semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine that has one or more of the following...

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