Local taxpayers affected by unfunded state mandates

It’s challenging for a local taxing body to balance their budget without additional unfunded state mandates being imposed on them from Springfield, whether it’s the Illinois Supreme Court in the first example below or the general assembly in the second example, which hasn’t balanced a budget in over a decade. Effective November 1, 2016, the Illinois Supreme Court amended its Rule 941concerning the “Use of Restraints on a Minor in all juvenile delinquency proceedings arising under the Juvenile Court Act” of 1987. This ruling mandates that...

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Sheriff overspends budget without prior county board approval

Sheriff Caruana properly cautions that Winnebago County, especially Rockford, is in the midst of a violent crime crisis and that is why the board initiated, and some have continued to support the Justice Center bond restructuring, to provide additional funding to the Sheriff’s Office from the one percent Public Safety Sales Tax PSST. The Sheriff’s Office, however, has not followed the county budget process, as regulated by state statute 55 ILCS 5, which requires a simple majority of the county board to adopt a budget but two-thirds of the...

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Illinois continues its criminal ways with bond fraud!

According to the Reboot Illinois organization, the Securities and Exchange Commission slapped Illinois with fraud charges for failing to disclose the true risk of bonds it sold between 2005 and 2009. Not only was Illinois playing a shell game of a budgeting process that is bankrupting the state, they hid the true risk of its horrendously high pension obligations on the bonds it is selling to investors to pay off their debt, the SEC ruled. Excerpt: Illinois became only the second state (along with New Jersey) to be disciplined by the...

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Juvenile rights versus their victims and community rights

While people were attending Holy Family Church on Sunday, February 24th, three teenagers were reported to be breaking into cars in the church parking lot. When police arrived, the three sped away in a vehicle, resulting in a fatal crash at the intersection of Alpine and Brendenwood, just a few hundred yards away from the church’s parking lot. We all know the name of the victim, 58 year old Karen Shafer of Rockford, who was pronounced dead from her injuries less than an hour later at the hospital where she had worked for 30 years in...

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