Americans need to take back control from politicians and bureaucrats

The blame for bigger government and more control over our lives belongs on both sides of the aisle. However, Obama is doubling the size of government in a shorter period of time, than Bush or any of the others, Republican or Democrat; giving the government and the bureaucrats the power to take my freedom to make choices for myself, confiscating what I earned over the last 45 years and distributing it to someone who has not even tried to be a success in many cases. However, that being said, the government system is TOO big. The left hand...

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Quinn’s giving cities choice to regulate concealed-carry is unworkable

Governor Quinn’s idea to give cities the choice to regulate concealed-carry reminds me of Wyatt Earp in Dodge City posting that all guns are to be left at his office until visitors leave town. With Quinn’s legislation as law, one would have to remove the firearm, then put it back on and each town would have to post whether or not you would be allowed to carry your weapon in their town or face arrest as you traveled from town to town. This legislation is simply from another in a long line of Chicago politicians and left-wing nut...

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Obama lost debate, so make excuses and attack Romney

According to the Associated Press, there was substantial criticism of  former PBS anchor Jim Lehrer even before the debate was finished coming from Obama supporters on twitter, that Mr. Lehrer had lost control of the debate. Following the debate, the excuses for Obama abounded, and the attacks on the moderator and Romney’s aggressive stands and lack of respect for the president were sizeable. Romney was even accused of bringing notes into the debate, against the rules, which turned out to be his handkerchief. Obama was the one who...

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Presidential candidates differing views on the economy

Without getting into every detail, the most important points to be taken from the debate is that Romney sees a dynamic economy that grows and contracts. An economy that as you lower taxes, jobs will be created and the economy will grow and revenue will increase more than if you raise taxes! President Obama views the economy as static – he thinks that if one person earns more than another, that person had to take the money from one who doesn’t have it because the economy is finite. So, you must raise the taxes on the one who has it and give it...

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Romney’s experience and knowledge carried the debate

Romney showed what knowledge and experience can do against President Obama who has neither.  Obama continues to think that if you implement a program or cut taxes for some people, that you need to raise taxes on others to fund it – a static view of the economy. He doesn’t understand the concept of growing the economy and raising revenue by creating more jobs. Obama sees the economy as a static entity, requiring increased taxes to pay for programs, rather than growth and freedom creating a dynamic economy that will raise all boats!...

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