World internet needed, according to Facebook’s CEO – a right for all?

Many of today’s generation believe everything is an entitlement or a right! According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, everyone deserves to be connected to the internet as reported in the Associated Press article in the Rockford Register Star. He says since the Web is an essential part of life everyone deserves to be connected, whether they live in Norway, Nicaragua or Namibia. Excerpt: Of course, connecting more people to the Internet is the kind of philanthropy that would create more potential Facebook users, which would also help...

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U.S. needs to review the IMF standards for national bailouts

The U.S. represents approximately 17% of the International Monetary Fund, which is somewhat like a global credit union that financially rescues countries such as Greece and others from default or loans them money to bolster the country’s reserves. It isn’t bad enough that the U.S. can’t bail themselves out of debt, but we use taxpayer’s money to give to foreign nations, which have lived beyond their means and who also believe that you solve your debt problems by spending more to stimulate the economy. Apparently, you can’t...

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Some reasons financial inequality is growing in America

In the foreseeable future, 80% of new jobs will require post-secondary education and as a nation too many of our students drop out of high school. The dropout rates have improved over the last four decades but simply returned to where they were in the 1970’s. Excerpt: Graduation rates improved for every race and ethnicity in 2010, but gaps among racial groups persist. Asian students had the highest graduation rate, with 93 percent of students finishing high school on time. White students followed with an 83 percent graduation rate, Hispanics...

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U.S. savings and assets could be reduced by Obama

If you think taxing Cypriot bank depositors up to 10% to pay for an EU bailout was bad, an even scarier thought is that something similar could be happening in the U.S. in the near future. President Obama is continually trying to implement the fiscal tactics of the European Socialist governments, redistribution the wealth regardless of who earns it and making the wealthy pay their “fair share” even though the top 1% pay 37% of the total federal taxes, more than double their 16.9% of total income. The Cyprus confiscatory policy to...

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Obama ready to kill XL pipeline for global warming advocates

According to the latest issue of the Patriot Post, deciding whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline has been one of the toughest challenges of the Obama presidency. However, Obama may have already made up his mind to sell out the tens-of-thousands of American jobs to the left environmentalists because it has been reported that the Obama administration is preparing to tell all federal agencies for the first time that they should consider the impact on global warming before approving major projects. Under the current National Environmental...

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Cyprus could tax people’s bank accounts for EU bailout

The mainstream media always mocks conservatives’ caution about what big government spending can lead to. The doubters finally got to see what could result with too much progressive government. The European Union’s demands have pushed the Cyprus government to consider forcing Cypriot bank depositors to pay up to 10% of their bank deposits as a tax in exchange for a $13B bailout from Europe. Did the progressive loving Cyprus people gleefully accept their fair share? No, they swarmed the banks, forcing the government to shut them...

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