The “Basket of Deplorables” election revolution

The so-called Basket of Deplorables and the millions of forgotten people, who were either left behind or unemployed during the “economic recovery,” led Tuesday’s election day revolution. The deplorables voted for Donald Trump for president because: Trump led the revolution against the Establishment Republican and Democratic parties, who continued to maintain the status quo with respect to globalization, regardless of the unlevel playing field in trade, jobs and lack of international respect for America, which was in sharp...

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Municipal alliances not always advantageous for taxpayers

According to a recent article  in the Rockford Register Star, Rockford is joining with fellow industrial cities, Peoria, Aurora and Danville to form an alliance to lobby state legislators for solutions to common urban problems in the areas of education, poverty, and crime. Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis believes there is power in numbers and more could be accomplished with a group of municipalities lobbying Springfield legislators. The coalition could eventually include 10 to 12 cities representing over a million people. However, these cities are...

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Obama and Sebelius lie about Obamacare cancelling your health insurance plans.

According to the Heritage Foundation, Obamacare dictates what government-approved health insurance looks like. That’s the whole point of the law. You must buy government-approved health insurance, and the bureaucrats tell you what it must cover. But President Obama and Health Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are now denying it. Yesterday, they both publically stated that Obamacare is not responsible for the cancelling of policies – it’s the insurance companies. What they are not saying is it is due to the ACA’s...

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Obama shuts down Washington D.C. WWII Memorial – members of Congress enable vets to see their Memorial despite the barricades!

President Obama and Harry Reid planned to show the infidels in Congress and other Americans, who had the audacity to question him and Democratic leaders in the Senate on Obamacare, by including on their political list of government sites to inflict the most widespread effects of the government shutdown, the World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington D.C. The two didn’t count on a group of the bravest Americans, World War II veterans, who were scheduled to visit their memorial today, and only today, and who would not be...

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Senator Obama,”President doesn’t have power to unilaterally attack Iran”

President Obama is more than willing to attack Syria unilaterally, without approval of Congress or even the UN to prove his credibility to the world, once he threatened that Assad’s use of WMDs would cross a red line in the sand. However, the response made by “Senator” Obama on December 20, 2007 to a reporter’s question as to what circumstances would the president (Bush) have the constitutional authority to bomb Iran without first seeking authorization from Congress, says it all. Excerpt: “The President does not have...

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Obama’s rating system would allow Feds to control higher education

Only Obama would try to figure a way for government to control both higher education  and healthcare in this country, bypassing Congress once again, by allowing bureaucrats to choose which colleges get federal funding based on a federal rating system of all colleges. The country will now have the federal government picking winners and losers based on Obama’s rating system, where bureaucrats will determine what is suitable, such as affordability, accessibility, or any other political criterion the government will try to impose on higher...

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