Harlem school administration recommends deficit spending vs budget cuts

Harlem School district administration is recommending that the board of education exhaust all their education fund cash reserves, plus $1.5M more, instead of any further cuts in spending. Excerpt: Administrators are asking the board to pass a deficit spending plan Monday that puts the education fund — which pays for salaries, benefits and supplies — $1.5 million in the red. That includes spending the remaining $245,000 in education fund reserves. This isn’t the first time that officials have agreed to spend more than the district takes in....

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An increasing tax rate doesn’t always increase taxes

Richard Thomas’ “Harlem heritage worth fighting for,” reveals a common lack of understanding regarding the effects of property tax rates on the actual property tax being levied. Mr. Thomas erroneously equates an increase in the tax rate in the Harlem School District with a directly proportional increase in taxes. Excerpt: From 2012 to 2013, the Harlem School District had a 10-percent increase in its tax rate. And that 2013 tax rate is about 7 percent higher than Rockford’s school rate. That 10-percent Harlem increase translates into a...

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