Look at federal taxes paid, not size of refund

As Americans file their taxes by this Monday’s April 15, 2019 deadline, they might be surprised that most received a tax cut due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, despite the media’s continuous coverage that tax refunds will be smaller than the previous year. A Washington Post headline announced on February 10, 2019, “Millions of Americans could be stunned as their tax refunds shrink.” Two days later, The New York Times reported, “Smaller Tax Refunds Surprise those Expecting More Relief.” Two days after that, National Public Radio...

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Obama and Sebelius lie about Obamacare cancelling your health insurance plans.

According to the Heritage Foundation, Obamacare dictates what government-approved health insurance looks like. That’s the whole point of the law. You must buy government-approved health insurance, and the bureaucrats tell you what it must cover. But President Obama and Health Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are now denying it. Yesterday, they both publically stated that Obamacare is not responsible for the cancelling of policies – it’s the insurance companies. What they are not saying is it is due to the ACA’s...

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IG reports IRS credit cards used for Wine, Porn, diet pills, plush toys

Apparently line dancing lessons and videos showing IRS employees acting in a Star Trek video, at some of the over 220 personnel training conferences attended in the last three years at a cost of over $50M, aren’t the only thing the IRS wastes money on. The Treasury’s inspector general has now reported that the IRS has wasted additional taxpayer’s dollars using credit cards to make questionable purchases on items ranging from wine to online  pornography. Excerpt: Poor oversight by the Internal Revenue Service allowed workers...

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Obama’s presidency, an abuse of power or total incompetence?

President Obama, with his “I don’t know” Teflon administration, has abused the power of the office, with Benghazi-gate, while using the IRS against the his political enemies during the November elections and then intimidating his own bureaucracy’s whistleblowers by subpoenaing the phone records (office, cell and home phones) of the Associated Press reporters under the guise of homeland security. Obama’s perfect storm of scandals — Benghazi, the IRS  and the seizure of Associated Press phone records  and now Fox...

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