Assessed property values based on sales not investments

Property values usually track factors that affect housing supply and demand in a local community – good schools, low crime rate, moderate taxes and a highly skilled work force. This combination attracts business to the area initiating economic development, which in turn offers good jobs with low unemployment. Consistent rankings in the top ten worst cities in the nation have placed Rockford on the opposite end of these successful attributes and as a result Rockford property values reflect the disparaging ratings. By next year, Rockford...

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Rockford Public Library’s amnesty too lenient with taxpayer’s money

An inexcusable 62% of the library’s  57,554 cardholders owe the library for overdue returns or lost items. That’s far too many people to consider amnesty – 35,684, who owe fines and/or have not returned books and other devices! To put this embarrassment into its proper perspective, tardy or dropout library patrons don’t owe the library a thing. They owe the taxpayers who fund the library. It’s our money that’s being abused and our books and devices that haven’t been returned, not the city’s....

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