The “Basket of Deplorables” election revolution

The so-called Basket of Deplorables and the millions of forgotten people, who were either left behind or unemployed during the “economic recovery,” led Tuesday’s election day revolution. The deplorables voted for Donald Trump for president because: Trump led the revolution against the Establishment Republican and Democratic parties, who continued to maintain the status quo with respect to globalization, regardless of the unlevel playing field in trade, jobs and lack of international respect for America, which was in sharp...

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Minimum wage increase will not boost Illinois economy

Raising the minimum wage will not boost the Illinois economy. Businesses must pay competitive wages regardless of the overwhelming support of 2 out of 3 Illinois voters for the non-binding minimum wage referendum in the November . Businesses cannot base their business decisions on a majority vote of the people. It’s not government’s job to determine the wages paid by private business. Private wages must be competitive or the business will close unless it raises prices; notwithstanding the prevailing wage for government projects. The General...

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Assessed property values based on sales not investments

Property values usually track factors that affect housing supply and demand in a local community – good schools, low crime rate, moderate taxes and a highly skilled work force. This combination attracts business to the area initiating economic development, which in turn offers good jobs with low unemployment. Consistent rankings in the top ten worst cities in the nation have placed Rockford on the opposite end of these successful attributes and as a result Rockford property values reflect the disparaging ratings. By next year, Rockford...

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Washington D.C. to Walmart – do as I say, not as I do!

Walmart last week pulled out of plans to build six stores and create 1800 much needed retail jobs in Washington D.C. after the city council passed a law that unless large retail stores paid a minimum wage 50% above the U.S. minimum wage, they wouldn’t be allowed to build their stores in the city. Non-union Walmart was the only store meeting the ordinance’s required stipulations. Go, Figure. It turns out according to the Patriot Post, that the hypocrites in Washington D.C. pay their workers less than what they asked Walmart to pay....

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Minimum or living wage myths shouldn’t hold you back

The current wage debate goes something like this. People aren’t making a living wage or the minimum wage needs to be raised because no one can live on that amount of money, painting a picture that most of those who make minimum wage are single parent families, not teenagers on their first job gaining working experience. Very few Americans are actually working for the federal minimum wage—it’s just 2.9 percent of all workers in the United States. In other words, 97 percent of American workers make more than minimum wage. Excerpt: The...

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