Phrase “illegal immigrant” banished by Associated Press

It was noted in the April 3, 2013 Patriot Post that the Associated Press is banishing the phrase “illegal immigrant” from its famous stylebook, because the AP explains that it wants to stop labeling people. Really? Excerpt from columnist Michelle Malkin: “This is the same organization that employs journalists who have repeatedly shown naked bias against tea party members, gun owners and pro-life activists. I propose that we banish the term ‘journalist’ when referring to members of mainstream news organizations...

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Honors program cancelled because of others feelings

Today, “everyone wins” regardless of effort or results. There are no losers, there are no winners because competition itself is losing to politically correct motives. Today, inclusiveness is the winner ! Look no further than a school principal unilaterally cancelling an Honors Night program for academic achievement deciding that competition should play second fiddle to the “feelings” of those students who didn’t make the grade. Excerpt: A Massachusetts school principal has cancelled his school’s Honors Night in...

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Mayor Bloomberg – do your job – leave constituents alone

One of the people in the forefront of the current nanny state mentality is Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the food czar of New York City, who is now expanding his control into potential hearing problems caused music that’s played too loud. Excerpt: Hizzoner’s health officials are planning a social-media campaign to warn young people about the risk of losing their hearing from listening to music at high volume on personal MP3 players, The Post has learned. “With public and private support, a public-education campaign is being...

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Unwed couples get military benefits – but only if they’re gay

First, it was don’t ask, don’t tell, then women in combat and now outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has directed that military benefits formerly reserved for married couples be extended to unmarried couples, at taxpayer expense, but only if they are same sex couples – heterosexual unmarried couples need not apply. The memorandum continues: “At the direction of the President, the Department has conducted a careful and deliberative review of the benefits currently provided to the families of Service members. We have...

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Obama needs to fact check his State of the Union speech

President Obama chose carefully from the State of the Union topics to be discussed last night, using only those topics that could best defend his record as president, skipping facts about the national debt and high unemployment, while introducing distortions about spending cuts and jobs created under his administration. He failed to mention that the cuts were made in the growth of government spending, not an actual decrease in the spending from previous years. He then used these faux cuts to justify higher taxes on small businesses in his...

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Dr. Ben Carson blasts PC speech, ObamaCare, culture, the IRS and fiscal irresponsibility with Obama on the dais

At this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, held at the Washington Hilton in Washington D.C. before an audience that included President Obama on the dais, Dr. Benjamin Carson, an African-American, who is the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgeon at John Hopkins Hospital, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008, spoke against politically correct speech, ObamaCare, and numerous other current topics. At the beginning of his speech, Dr. Carson shared his disdain for political correctness, the efforts of some to silence the...

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