The “Basket of Deplorables” election revolution

The so-called Basket of Deplorables and the millions of forgotten people, who were either left behind or unemployed during the “economic recovery,” led Tuesday’s election day revolution. The deplorables voted for Donald Trump for president because: Trump led the revolution against the Establishment Republican and Democratic parties, who continued to maintain the status quo with respect to globalization, regardless of the unlevel playing field in trade, jobs and lack of international respect for America, which was in sharp...

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People of color didn’t re-elect president by themselves, Ed

Ed Wells column , “Election ’12’: This one was personal,” described President Obama’s re-election as a proud result of the persistent will of people of color. He wrote that blacks registered, went to the polls and overcame – what? Apparently, the uncaring white-guy Republican Party mentioned in the column. Ed Wells views members of that party as the enemy and voted for the first time, against every Republican on the ballot. Excerpt: I’m proud of what black Americans did to re-elect President Obama....

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Senior retired military personnel presidential endorsements

From today’s Patriot Post, the voice of essential liberty and make sure to read the last paragraph after the endorsements. Excerpt: In the United States, at least through the next election, we have the freedom to vote for the candidates of our choice. When considering presidential candidates, I give great consideration to the opinions of those who have sworn allegiance to “support and defend” our Constitution. No, I don’t mean the beltway politicos who violate their oaths daily, but those in the ranks of our Armed...

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Obama induces contractors to violate the law for reelection

According to the Heritage Foundation, the Obama administration’s total disreagrd for the letter of the law comes to the fore once again, this time trying to get federal contractors to violate the law for Obama’s reelection effort, at taxpayer expense. The law is the WARN Act, which requires the government to notify employees of federal contractors to send layoff notices 60 days before a plant closes or mass layoffs. So defense contractors would have to notify their employees by November 2 (four days before the election) of pending...

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Obama had to show ID before voting in Chicago last week

The Obama administration, in particular the Department of Justice, which has sued any number of states against using a method of identification to reduce voter fraud, using one excuse after another, was asked for his ID by a poll worker when he early voted last week in Chicago. Watch the video, it’s great! The poll worker was just following Illinois law on early voting which requires an ID to be shown before being allowed to vote – how fitting it was Obama. Excerpt: If Team O is eager to boost turnout by having its supporters vote...

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Romney’s experience and knowledge carried the debate

Romney showed what knowledge and experience can do against President Obama who has neither.  Obama continues to think that if you implement a program or cut taxes for some people, that you need to raise taxes on others to fund it – a static view of the economy. He doesn’t understand the concept of growing the economy and raising revenue by creating more jobs. Obama sees the economy as a static entity, requiring increased taxes to pay for programs, rather than growth and freedom creating a dynamic economy that will raise all boats!...

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