White House knew Obamacare Claims were false – what a sleaze!

According to Fox News Morning Report, even as President Obama was assuring voters prior to the 2012 election that “you will keep your health insurance” under Obamacare, the White House knew that between 40 percent and 67 percent of individual policy holders were going to lose their coverage under the law now moving toward final implementation. An NBC News investigation revealed that Obama officials were already forecasting 7 million people would lose their insurance under the president’s plan, even as Obama was reassuring voters nervous about...

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Modesto College stops student from passing out copies of the Constitution on Constitution Day

Security at Modesto Junior College in California, where else, stops student from passing out copies of the Constitution in front of the student center on Constitution day. I kid you not! Excerpt: Robert Van Tuinen captured his furious, but civil, confrontation with the officer and campus administration on video and posted it on YouTube. First, security told the student he could only hand out copies of the constitution in the free speech area of the campus, and was then told by an administrator in the Student Development and Campus Life office...

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Obama’s rating system would allow Feds to control higher education

Only Obama would try to figure a way for government to control both higher education  and healthcare in this country, bypassing Congress once again, by allowing bureaucrats to choose which colleges get federal funding based on a federal rating system of all colleges. The country will now have the federal government picking winners and losers based on Obama’s rating system, where bureaucrats will determine what is suitable, such as affordability, accessibility, or any other political criterion the government will try to impose on higher...

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Teacher violates student’s rights of free speech and religion

It’s not as if Detroit doesn’t have enough problems, now the president of the Howell Education Association, Jay McDowell, a progressive economics teacher, kicked a student out of class after the teen made a comment against homosexuality during the high school anti-bullying day. The student simply said that being gay was against his beliefs and the teaching of his religion and he could not condone the behavior. The teacher said his speech was a form of bullying and asked the student to leave the classroom or face suspension....

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NYC considers giving noncitizens the right to vote!

A few weeks ago I posted that the California legislature passed a bill that would make the state the first of many blue states in the nation to allow noncitizens, who are in the country legally, to serve on jury duty. Many commenters said so what? They are here legally and if they are not citizens, “what difference, at this point, does it make” to quote our former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton on Benghazi. Here is the difference that it makes – “Give a liberal an inch and they take a mile.” Now the New York...

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California passes bill to let non-citizens serve on juries!

The California legislature passed a bill this week that would make the state the first of many blue states in the nation to allow non-citizens who are in the country legally to serve on jury duty. The government lets non-citizens serve in the military. It’s simply a small step to no doubt justify voting by non-citizens in the near future. Who needs a comprehensive immigration law, when we have California politicians? Is the U.S. Constitution used in California anymore – anywhere? Have non-citizens studied the laws of the land or...

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