The “Basket of Deplorables” election revolution

The so-called Basket of Deplorables and the millions of forgotten people, who were either left behind or unemployed during the “economic recovery,” led Tuesday’s election day revolution. The deplorables voted for Donald Trump for president because: Trump led the revolution against the Establishment Republican and Democratic parties, who continued to maintain the status quo with respect to globalization, regardless of the unlevel playing field in trade, jobs and lack of international respect for America, which was in sharp...

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Sebelius – Obamacare opponents like those opposed to civil rights

The HHS Secretary, Sebelius, speaking before the NAACP convention in Orlando, Florida stated that opponents of Obamacare are the same kind of people who opposed civil rights legislation in the 60’s. She is comparing those who oppose America’s eventual one-size-fits-all socialized medicine; even those with half-a-brain who can see this program will cost hundreds of billions more than is being spent now on healthcare, with those who opposed civil rights. Weren’t Congressional Republicans, who now oppose Obamacare to a person,...

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Supreme Court dodges affirmative action decision!

The U.S. Supreme Court dodged the issue of admissions based on affirmative action at the University of Texas in Austin, which allows discrimination in at least 25% of its openings by giving preference to students based on their race, ethnicity and other nonacademic standards in the name of increasing diversity . Excerpt: The high court ordered the appeals court to take another look at the case of Abigail Fisher, a white Texan who was not offered a spot at the university’s flagship Austin campus in 2008. Fisher has since received her...

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DOJ continues building road blocks against school vouchers

Idaho School Choice has established a statewide educational pilot program that utilizes the belief that students should master each level of content before moving to the next. Now there is an original concept we should use in all U.S. schools – it would prevent half the students graduating from high school that can’t read or do math. at a college level. Excerpt: The Khan Academy is an online-based curriculum in which students watch lectures from home and attend school to do homework and gain one-on-one instruction from teachers....

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Again with the old, white, male-dominated government?

In today’s political climate, being a middle-age, white male, in a dominant role on many local boards, appears to be a problem in need of a solution for some progressives in our local communities. Today’s complaint against the status quo comes in the form of a column in the Rockford Register Star entitled, “Election 2013: A real mix of America on Boone’s April ballot.” Apparently, a diverse group of candidates in Boone County are throwing their hats in the ring in the hope of changing the traditional, older,...

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People of color didn’t re-elect president by themselves, Ed

Ed Wells column , “Election ’12’: This one was personal,” described President Obama’s re-election as a proud result of the persistent will of people of color. He wrote that blacks registered, went to the polls and overcame – what? Apparently, the uncaring white-guy Republican Party mentioned in the column. Ed Wells views members of that party as the enemy and voted for the first time, against every Republican on the ballot. Excerpt: I’m proud of what black Americans did to re-elect President Obama....

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