S.A.F.E. attacks county board on sheriff’s budget – lack sufficient information

The S.A.F.E. group is again personally attacking those members of the Winnebago County Board, who are trying to hold the line on property taxes to balance a 2018 budget deficit of $6.9 million. Our board members are accused of being against public safety simply because some members disagree with S.A.F.E’s position on the amount of funding for the sheriff’s office, basing their position on data prior to the time Sheriff Caruana took office. Let’s look at facts, not threats! The starting point for the sheriff’s 2018 budget discussion logically...

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Winnebago County is an excellent steward of taxpayer dollars

Last Sunday’s Rockford Register Star Opinion Section included a column written by recent county board appointee, David Boomer, describing his first experience/lesson in county government by impugning the financial integrity of Winnebago County officials. Most Winnebago County officials and staff were disappointed, to say the least, to see the county’s financial judgement compared to the reckless spending of Springfield and Washington, D.C., based on a single vote restructuring a portion of the 1% Public Safety Sales Tax (PSST) to help fund...

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Governor, pass budget reforms before shifting funds or transferring local fund reserves

Chuck Sweeny writes in the Rockford Register Star, “With Illinois on the verge of running out of money to pay day care centers, court reporters and prison guards, Gov. Bruce Rauner said Thursday a solution can be found easily, by shifting money from the state’s hundreds of special funds into the General Fund.” Governor, isn’t skimming off special fund monies to support day care, court reporters, prison guards and other “essential” General Fund services the same excuse your predecessors, Rod Blagojevich and Pat Quinn used? Wasn’t this...

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Obama didn’t refinance mortgage and he’s in charge of taxpayer’s money?

An AP column printed in the Rockford Register Star today states that President Barack Obama hasn’t refinanced the mortgage rate on his South Side Chicago home yet, even though interest rates fell to below 4% this year. He isn’t even sure how much money he and Michelle could have saved at the lower interest rate – no wonder our national debt is soaring! Excerpt: Financial disclosure forms Obama released this year show an interest rate of  5.625 percent on the 30-year mortgage on his South Side Chicago home, which was  valued...

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U.S. needs to review the IMF standards for national bailouts

The U.S. represents approximately 17% of the International Monetary Fund, which is somewhat like a global credit union that financially rescues countries such as Greece and others from default or loans them money to bolster the country’s reserves. It isn’t bad enough that the U.S. can’t bail themselves out of debt, but we use taxpayer’s money to give to foreign nations, which have lived beyond their means and who also believe that you solve your debt problems by spending more to stimulate the economy. Apparently, you can’t...

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Obama’s housing bubble amnesia – wants weaker loans again

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the White House is again pushing banks to make loans to borrowers with weaker credit because many are not participating in Obama’s idea of an economic recovery. Obama must suffer from amnesia, because this is one of the main reasons for the housing bubble in 2008, which started the “Great Recession” isn’t it? Excerpt: The Obama administration is engaged in a broad push to make more home loans available to people with weaker credit, an effort that officials say will help power...

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