S.A.F.E. attacks county board on sheriff’s budget – lack sufficient information

The S.A.F.E. group is again personally attacking those members of the Winnebago County Board, who are trying to hold the line on property taxes to balance a 2018 budget deficit of $6.9 million. Our board members are accused of being against public safety simply because some members disagree with S.A.F.E’s position on the amount of funding for the sheriff’s office, basing their position on data prior to the time Sheriff Caruana took office. Let’s look at facts, not threats! The starting point for the sheriff’s 2018 budget discussion logically...

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Noisy cars may help Rockford balance next year’s budget

Here’s hoping the Rockford man, who is challenging the loud car stereo ordinance,  is unsuccessful in suing the city for violating his constitutional rights by impounding his car after he got a ticket for playing loud music in his car after 11:00PM. Can you believe that anyone thinks they have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to play loud music, outside, in their car after 11:00PM, while others in the neighborhood are trying to sleep before getting up for work in the morning or trying to keep their children asleep while your car radio is blaring...

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Followup on Residency Rule’s defeat by City Council 10-2

The city council voted 10-2 to reject the residency requirement to be a police or fire candidate in the city of Rockford. Only Venita Hervey, D-5, and Ann Thompson-Kelly, D-7, voted in favor of the proposal. Linda McNeely, D-13, was obviously absent; if present she usually vote NO! Getting the best candidate should be paramount in the selection process, not the best candidate that lives in Rockford as suggested by Ald. Venita Hervey, when she stated, “Many of Rockford’s police and fire job applicants come from outside the city,...

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Rockford should hire the most qualified candidates

Residency should not be the top qualification for the police and fire department in the city of Rockford. Public safety employees often make life and death decisions to protect or treat citizens in our community, and the first priority should not be where they live, but what skills they bring to the job. An ordinance, propopsed by Alderman Venita Hervey, D-5th, would require public safety applicants to have established Rockford residency for six months prior to being allowed to apply as a candidate for police and  fire departments. The...

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Marie’s Pizza – violent actions do have consequences

One person was killed and three others wounded by an off-duty Winnebago County deputy at Marie’s Pizza on Charles street in the continuing crime spree of armed business robberies, assaults on individuals and violent criminal activity in Rockford, with the now all too familiar arguments on each side already beginning to surface. On one side, the victims of the crime are proclaiming the off duty officer a hero for his timely intervention in the crime. He was also one of the victims lest we forget and was defending his and his...

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More police officers needed to thwart Rockford violence

A previous post, “Rockford – 9th most dangerous city in the U.S.” pointed out that based on preliminary 2010 FBI data, Rockford was ranked 9th for violent crimes per capita for cities over 100,000! The conclusions of that post stated that the people of Rockford need to be told all the facts for their personal safety, and must be made to realize the crime battle is far from over and that the police need to be reinforced before the citizenry become complacent with statistical reports showing crime decreasing but which do not...

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