Religious Freedom being threatened in America

Catholics are winding down their Fortnight of Freedom, which will conclude on July 4th with the celebration of our Independence and Liberty. We are praying for our Constitutional freedoms, especially Religious Freedom. In a previous post, I stated that Religious Freedom is a fundamental right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution, which declares, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The government is prohibiting the free exercise of religion with...

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Obamacare’s legal battles against religious freedom continue

The December 21st Patriot Post continues to report on the battles against religious freedom that Obamacare is starting in America. The freedom that individuals and groups are seeking will eventually wind up in the Supreme Court. Excerpts: Courts in New York and Washington, DC, have ordered in separate lawsuits that the Obama administration must make good on its promise to create rules exempting religious institutions from the ObamaCare contraception- and abortion-coverage mandate. Up until now, all religious groups had to go on was a vague...

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Not even Merry Christmas Charlie Brown safe from atheists

Atheists continue their war on Christmas, Christians or anything religious in the public environment. Now a school in Little Rock was forced to cancel a field trip for students to watch Merry Christmas Charlie Brown in a church. Excerpt: The Little Rock School District received a complaint the other day. Was it someone upset over drugs in school? No. How about bullying? Nope. Maybe an outbreak of cheating? Not even close. In this case, the complaint had to do with the fact that a field trip was scheduled for elementary school students to see...

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Billy Graham Association could lose tax exemption for advocating votes for candidates with “biblical values”

The secular progressive Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a complaint with the IRS to remove the tax exempt status  of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association because the secularists believe that the organization’s “vote for biblical values” ad campaign was a violation of the separation of Church and State. Secularists are once again increasing their War on Christians under the guise of separation of Church and State. Secularists continually try to expand the definition of what constitutes a violation of this...

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The plot of “For Greater Glory” sure sounds familiar

The new movie, “For Greater Glory,” directed by Dean Wright, with Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria, chronicles the Cristeros War (1926-1929) against the Mexican government’s attempt to “secularize” the country, which led to a rebellion by Catholics. The Cristero War, also known as La Cristiada, was an uprising and counter-reveloution set off by the persecution of Catholics and a ban on their public religious practices. The director describes his film about the armed resistance against the attempt to secularize Mexico...

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Secularists get judge to chop 10 commandments down to 6

Will the Ten Commandments be reduced to six in a Roanoke Virginia school? A federal judge made that suggestion to try and end a longstanding legal battle brought by a parent of a student, of course, backed by another secularist organization, the ACLU.  Narrows High School in rural Giles County outside Roanoke has displayed the Ten Commandments for years, along with other documents until a parent sued requesting separation of church and state. A federal judge this week suggested the school remove the first four commandments that clearly refer...

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