Home rule disenfranchises Rockford taxpayers

Government is supposed to be of, by and for the people. Home rule is government “despite” the people. If home rule is approved, putting aside for the moment both sides marketing campaigns, Rockford taxpayers will effectively be giving up their vote for or against any future referendums on tax issues, debt or sunset clauses that provide the checks and balance to hold city officials financially accountable. Illinois’ Home Rule is a one-size-fits-all statute, unlike surrounding states, which allow local officials and the community to create a...

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Madigan had to pass budget to find out what’s in it

Recalling Illinois’ past record, everyone must know that Madigan and company’s new budget will not solve the state’s financial crisis. Springfield will continue to spend the additional $5 billion a year, just as they squandered most of the $32 billion extra tax dollars collected during the last temporary income tax hike. Madigan’s budget permanently increases the income tax rate to 4.95% from 3.75% and corporate income tax increases to 7% from 5.25%. No, the personal income tax increase is not 1.2% as some local proponents suggest; it’s a...

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Higher taxes will again prove futile in resolving state fiscal crisis

The League of Women Voters in a recent op-ed demanded passage of the proposed increase in Illinois income taxes by over $5B annually; broadening the sales tax to include services; the LWV conventioneers didn’t agree with freezing local property taxes but were in favor of levying a state income tax on senior’s retirement income. The Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago also envisions raising individual and corporate tax rates and extending the individual income tax to retirement income, just as Illinois Senate President Cullerton,...

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Illinois taxpayers have had “Enough!”

On Wednesday, June 29, dozens of Illinois newspapers informed the General Assembly and their readers in an op-ed on the front page that the state has had “Enough!” and demanded that the budget standoff be resolved and resolved now. Illinois taxpayers are the ones who should be demanding, “Enough!” with the state currently spending $33 million tax dollars a day more than revenues. The crux of the fiscal crisis is uncontrolled, excessive overspending of any amount of tax revenue received by Springfield. Illinois taxpayers know that they will...

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Illinois Public Pensions, Municipal Bankruptcy and Illinois taxes

The unfunded liabilities facing government pension plans have gained increased public scrutiny during the past year. Governing entities and taxpayers are beginning to recognize the potential consequences of public pension liabilities. Headlines have exposed municipal bankruptcies, such as Detroit and numerous cities in California. In some extreme cases, pension liabilities have been one of the key drivers for municipal bankruptcy filings and reduced pensions could wind up as the solution for the budget shortfall. Current data indicates that...

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Another attempt to redistribute state school funding sources

Let’s take a look at today’s Rockford Register Star’s My View column written by the IEA president, Cinda Klickna discussing the cuts being made in Chicago’s school budget and the fact that our state schools are underfunded and inequitable using the unfair local property tax. The complaint is that Chicago Public schools are laying off teachers and support staff, and the usual, it’s hurting the children. It’s hurting the union members much more. The student teacher ratio in Chicago Public Schools was 20...

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