NYC considers giving noncitizens the right to vote!

A few weeks ago I posted that the California legislature passed a bill that would make the state the first of many blue states in the nation to allow noncitizens, who are in the country legally, to serve on jury duty. Many commenters said so what? They are here legally and if they are not citizens, “what difference, at this point, does it make” to quote our former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton on Benghazi. Here is the difference that it makes – “Give a liberal an inch and they take a mile.” Now the New York...

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Obama had to show ID before voting in Chicago last week

The Obama administration, in particular the Department of Justice, which has sued any number of states against using a method of identification to reduce voter fraud, using one excuse after another, was asked for his ID by a poll worker when he early voted last week in Chicago. Watch the video, it’s great! The poll worker was just following Illinois law on early voting which requires an ID to be shown before being allowed to vote – how fitting it was Obama. Excerpt: If Team O is eager to boost turnout by having its supporters vote...

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Obama and Holder overruled in lawsuit to let illegals vote

Obama’s U.S. Department of Justice (Eric Holder & Company) has been trying to stop Florida election officials from purging non-voters and potentially non-U.S. citizens from the state’s voting rolls. One must hope the Obama administration is not trying to interfere with other states trying to do their jobs – making sure every voter is eligible to vote in the November election. It has been widely reported that the Obama campaign has already retained thousands of lawyers to challenge legal issues tied to this presidential...

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Voter ID – voter registration being checked in Florida

Many doubt the need for Voter ID and claim there is no evidence of massive voter fraud – and that Voter ID is simply a means to disenfranchise minority and elderly voters. Others have suspected for years that non-citizen voters are participating in our elections. Now Florida is stepping up to clear their voting rolls of illegal voters. Voter ID is a big issue in Florida where a potential 180,000 non-citizens may have registered to vote simply by checking a motor voter registration check box when obtaining their driver’s license....

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SAT, ACT now require photo ID’s, casting a ballot does not!

In New York, students taking college entrance exams this fall will have to submit photo IDs with their applications for SAT and ACT tests – following recent allegations of widespread cheating at a number of high schools. Obama’s Department of Justice has probably not heard of this “security violation” as yet, or the Attorney General Eric Holder would have rejected it out of hand, as he has requirements for voter ID laws in Texas and South Carolina. A Photo ID will be required in New York’s Long Island testing...

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Justice Department again thwarts voter ID law – why?

U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, has raised political decisions in the Department of Justice to an art form! Obama’s DOJ has now attacked Texas’ voter identification law, saying that Texas has not proven that the law is not discriminatory. Neither has the DOJ proven that the law is discriminatory, but apparently they don’t have to, according to a report by Fox News. This recent decision follows the Justice Department’s rejection of South Carolina’s voter ID law in December, which the state is appealing. Texas...

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