Thankful: Wells Fargo ranked #1 National Campaign by United Way

Thankful: Wells Fargo ranked #1 National Campaign by United Way

United Way’s measure of real success is in the amount of lives changed and not the amount of dollars raised through the campaign. But it would be foolish for us to not recognize the importance of generous donors across the community. It takes a combination of financial resources, collective input, and selfless volunteers to create opportunities that improve our community. So, over the next several weeks we will highlight organizations that leverage their assets in support of advancing the common good across our region.

Wells Fargo and its team members continue to give and volunteer at record levels

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) has been named the largest workplace campaign in the U.S. in 2013, according to United Way Worldwide. This is the fifth consecutive year Wells Fargo, a member of the United Way Global Corporate Leadership program, has earned this top honor.

On a global scale, Wells Fargo:

  • contributed $16.4 million to United Way in 2013;
  • team members pledged more than $64.9 million during the company’s annual giving campaign, bringing the company’s United Way Worldwide campaign total to over $81 million.

Locally, Wells Fargo:

  • increased their pledge to the United Way of Rock River Valley 2013 Community Campaign by 18 percent;
  • increased their employee participation rate by 51 percent.

Thank you.

Wells Fargo also recently committed $5 million to United Way Worldwide to support a five-year, comprehensive national network to improve the financial capability of low- and moderate-income households. This partnership creates lasting change in communities by ensuring individuals and families have the knowledge and tools to succeed financially and plan for the future.

Additionally, Wells Fargo team members volunteered 1.69 million hours in communities across the country in 2013, including a robust skilled volunteerism program with a special focus on financial literacy, plus the company offered fully paid leave to team members to work on a significant nonprofit project for up to four months. In 2013, United Way recognized Wells Fargo with its highest awards for volunteer engagement.

Thank you Wells Fargo for your dedication to advancing the common good. Your generosity creates huge impacts in communities nationwide — and locally.

For more information on how to help your community, visit www.unitedwayrrv.org or www.wevolunteer.org.


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