Increasing access to nutritious foods creates opportunities for a healthier community

Increasing access to nutritious foods creates opportunities for a healthier community


Kids are more likely to succeed in school if they’re healthy and well-fed when they enter the classroom. Adults who make healthy choices and have access to affordable health services are more productive in the workplace and their community. When individuals experience better health, they contribute to the collective well-being of the entire community.

One of the ways United Way creates a healthier community is collaborating with partners to increase access to healthy and affordable food. Programs like Roots and Wings Youth Leadership with Angelic Organics Learning Center, grows organic vegetables at two locations on Rockford’s southwest side. Youth not only work together with adults to build and maintain the gardens, they also learn about nutritional food choices and gain job skills when marketing the produce to the community.

Another program, Meals on Wheels with Lifescape Community Services, fulfills the nutritional needs of many homebound seniors and disabled individuals. Healthy meals are delivered daily to residents throughout the Rock River Valley who otherwise would have no way of remaining nutritionally healthy and independent.

These are just two examples of collaborations that create healthier communities. The work is fueled by people like you — people who are passionate about making a difference for their families, their neighbors and themselves. Whether it is advocating for better nutrition in summer programs, increasing the number of safe meal sites, volunteering your time to cook or deliver meals, or donating to United Way to provide access to healthful foods, you are creating opportunities for a healthier community.




Roman J. Salamon is Director of Communication and Marketing at United Way of Rock River Valley


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